IBM have recently worked with Preemptive Consulting to deliver a comprehensive compliance solution to a worldwide Pharmaceuticals company. The solution incorporates Disk Encryption, Protective Markings, Email Archive and Email Encryption.

The organisation had a number of detailed compliance requirements which required several combined technologies in the solution. The result has seen a comprehensive end to end solution installed which ensures that data at rest is protected while email communications that require protection are also appropriately marked and encrypted before delivery to the internet.

All messages moving in the system are indexed and attachments single instanced prior to storing within the system as are all archives, allowing fast access to a corporate memory of all email communications. Operating internationally, the organization can draw on any messages that meet a requested criteria over a period of time in seconds rather than days.

Another key requirement for this Pharmaceutical company was to ensure communications between any member of staff and external Board members was secure. A key problem was the size of board minute packs, which often run to 100’s of megabytes and needed to be secure. To resolve this issue, Preemptive provided a scalable secure web download facility as part of the encryption gateway.

Being agile and ensuring information is available instantly and maintained securely even when sending across the internet help this organization maintain confidentiality and leadership in a competitive and challenging global market.