Mixing Microsoft’s Labelling and Classifications with Australian Government mandated Email Protective Markings can be tricky and problematic.

A common issue occurs when a user replies or forwards an email with a PSPF Protective marking in the subject line and then reclassifies the email to a higher level using Microsoft Classifications or Labelling. Unfortunately, the previous Protective Marking remains in the subject line and creates a conflict in classification. That is where the “Reply Sanitiser for Microsoft Outlook and OWA” comes into play.

Our solution runs as an Outlook addin, silently working in the background to remove PSPF markings from reply/forward email when required, allowing the Microsoft Classification or Labels to remain as the sole reference for classification.

The “Reply Sanitiser for Microsoft Outlook” is the easiest and only guaranteed way to remove PSPF Protective Markings from reply or forward email for Government agencies that use Microsoft Labels and Classifications.

It’s been developed right here in Canberra for our unique requirements and part of our suite of Protective Markings solutions. 

It’s time to stop the conflicts and get the Reply Sanitiser for Outlook from Preemptive.

“Get Smart, Get Preemptive”

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