The Preemptive Email Vault is a centralised server that stores a copy of all messages entering, leaving and circulating within your organisation.

Messages are automatically captured – there are no special steps required for your email users. By analysing, deconstructing and efficiently packing your email in the Vault, you will save up to 80% of email storage requirements. Also, messages are stored in a format-neutral way with SQL and XML, meaning that you are not locked into any proprietary architecture for your email storage. The Preemptive Vault’s administration client gives complete visibility over activity in your email system. For the first time you will be able to find out who sends what and when, allowing you to effectively manage this crucial business resource. The administration client will even allow you to recover individual messages – with fidelity of EML or DXL!

With the Personal Vault Browser, staff can retrieve their email and or Faxes from the Vault. At the press of a button they can instantly restore a message back into their mail file. This is ‘self service’ at its best !!

Key Features

• Message Metadata is stored in a relational database
This provides a highly scalable and high performance storage backend. Native SQL queries are possible, making easy to determine what is going on within your email environment.

• The Personal Vault Browser
As previously mentioned, this J2EE based browser solution allows staff to access their email from the Vault. This solution has also been seamlessly incorporated in the Preemptive Mail Extended Edition product.

• Single instance attachment storage
The Vault only contains one copy of each attachment. This dramatically reduces storage requirements, and allows for attachment tracking.

• Compressed XML copy of the message
This allows a message to be recreated at some future date with full fidelity. It is also possible to restore a single message back into a database. Restore times are within seconds, not hours or days – imagine how long it takes to restore a single message from a 1 GB mail file using traditional methods.

• Target education
With the Preemptive Vault Browser, you can quickly identify who your top consumers and producers of email are. This allows you to target your education, and ensure you get the best value for your money.

• Reduce Email Storage significantly and Improve performance
With the Preemptive Vault single instancing records and reducing record information to minimal components, it is not uncommon to achieve 80%+ store reductions which in turn significantly add the operation of your email environment.

• Remove individuals archive effort
The Vault can provide a significant storage saving and with automated policy based processes tracking retention on all traffic in the environment, users do not have to think about archiving. This can amount to significant savings of time across the organisation.

• Comprehensive Auditors interface
The Vault Auditor provides a comprehensive set of reports to an auditor allowing very fast response times on queries saving significantly on normal search times through archive content.

• Built In DR capability
Dont pay for duplicate systems. The Preemptive vault architecture allows for multiple instances through peering technology that means customers can run comprehensive DR solutions at no extra cost.

• Multi Platform Support included
The Preemptive Vault includes support for multiple environments and user interfaces at no extra cost.

• Migration Tool
The Vault provides an ideal Email migration benefit should you be considering this path by ensuring all email is safely captured including archives and linked back directly to your new email client interface without needing to migrate all content to a new platform. This solution can save significantly on costly migration tools while making all content available immediately through a new client.

movies_256x256Movies – click here to see movies of the Vault in Action

System Requirements

  • Windows 2008R2 (64 bit) or higher
  • IBM Domino 8.0 or higher
  • or Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016, Office 365

Vault Brochure

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Preemptive Email Vault The Preemptive Email Vault
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