Government Agencies seeking to comply with Protective Marking Standards can meet these obligations by implementing Preemptive Protective Markings for Documents.

The Government directives require Protective Marking Classifications be be applied to documents and emails whether human or machine generated. Preemptive Consulting offers a complete solution for Protective Marking Classifications for Documents and Email classification providing a robust solution that meets the ISM’s rigorous requirements.

Our innovative Classification technology has been deployed to Federal, State and private organisations to ensure classified content is not inadvertently sent over the internet risking the release of sensitive material. Our technology enforces the classification and ensures appropriate markings are monitored through boundary messaging gateways and if required encryption processes. Help your users develop a security conscious culture and reduce the overheads on technology teams trying to manage compliance.

Deliver a solution to all users through group policy and control changes in ISM requirements through active directory. Apply markings to existing documents easily and ensure simple management processes in the event of change to workflow and After developing unique patented technology to ensure that all email is compliant with the Federal PSPF and the ISM requirements, Preemptive’s Protective Marking technologies have been deployed to over 120,000 seats within Government to ensure they meet their protective markings obligations.

Preemptive’s Protective Markings Email solution is custom developed and supported in Australia, works with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook for Web Access, IBM Notes and IBM iNotes and Googles Gmail. The Protective Markings Document solution now also works in conjunction with Preemptive’s Email Classification and Encryption Gateway to provide complete coverage of an organisation’s external facing email classification requirements.

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