Preemptive Protective Markings for Outlook and Outlook Web access provide an intuitive and yet comprehensive solution to the directives set out for Australian Government organisations by the Defence Signals Directorate and the Australian Government Information Management Office.

All Australian Government agencies are required to implement protective markings for email by 30 March 2007. Protective markings are to be applied to all emails, regardless of whether the email is human or system originated.

New – A Microsoft label can be automatically applied when selecting an email Protective Marking and vice versa through different clients, allowing clients that can’t have Protective Markings to integrate seamlessly with those that can.

Compliance in an Outlook email environment means that regular emails, meeting invitations and appointments must have a compliant security classification.

ACSI33 and AGIMO Guidance
In the context of Protective Markings, Preemptive Consulting would like to draw your attention to the following key sections of ACSI33 or better known as the Information Security Manual and the AGIMO implementation guide for email protective markings:

• Section 3.5.56 of ACSI33 states “Agencies must ensure that protective markings are applied to all emails containing classified information that have been written or forwarded by agency staff, or automatically generated by an agency system and are leaving the agency.” In addition, “Agencies should ensure that all automatically generated emails remaining within the agency are marked with a protective marking.”

• Section 3.5.58 of ACSI states “Agencies must ensure that all agency-originated emails that do not contain any classified information are given a protective marking to indicate this.”

• The AGIMO implementation guide for email protective markings states in section 2.2 that “The protective marking must be included as part of the ‘Subject:’ line. If it is only included as part of the email headers it will not be visible to all recipients unless they have a modified email client that is capable of displaying this extra information. This is particularly so for portable wireless devices including BlackBerry.”

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Preemptive Consulting Can Help
We understand the deeply embedded nature of email within Exchange, O365, Gmail and Notes/Domino environments. Our technology ensures that all email is compliant with the ASD “Information Security Manual” requirements. We have already helped many large Federal Government agencies meet their protective markings obligations.

Preemptive Consulting is a 100% Australian owned company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require further information or a trial of our software.

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