Preemptive Consulting offers a suite of compliance and security technologies targeted predominantly at State and Federal Government organisations. Our Protective Marking product suite, is the only Australian-made software that fully addresses the requirements described by the Protective Security Policy Framework for Outlook and Notes/Domino, including correct support for:

Talk to us today to discuss why it is necessary to use Email client-based and Server-based components to create an integrated solution that guarantees compliance with the range of suggested requirements.

Do you need to be absolutely positive that email messages in your organisation carry the mandated security classification? Don’t be fooled by other options – no other vendor or outsourcer has a license to use our patented technology. We are happy to share the knowledge and experience that comes from working with some of Australia’s largest and most stringent email environments.

Preemptive’s protective Marking solutions are available for all versions of the Australian Government standard.

Here is a screen shot of the April 2018 standard in action in Outlook

Click here for more information on our Protective Markings Solutions for Outlook, OWA and Exchange

and Lotus Notes


Click here for more information on our Protective Markings Solutions for Domino and Notes

In addition to our Protective Markings clients, we also have two modules available for our PMP Server to help customers achieve compliance.

The Protective Labels module of the PMP Server assists customers in achieving Protective Email markings compliance when using Microsoft’s MSIP labeling offering.

Labeled outbound email that has not been protectively marked ‘relays’ to a PMP Server for processing.

The PMP Server converts labels to a compliant Protective Marking and then re-injects the email back into Microsoft 365 for delivery to the outside organisation.

The Protective Markings module for the PMP Server assists customers in achieving Protected Email markings compliance when sending email via SMTP devices, midrange solutions, MFD and more.

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