Capturing and recording Instant Messages can be critical to your organisations health and well-being.  With a background in Government and Private Enterprise compliance, IM is regularly an integral part of our customers solution requirements. IM is commonly internal however often forms a critical part of discovery given the ease of use and innocuous nature of the interface.

Users often comment that the notified or updated senior staff on critical  pieces of information through IM as it was deemed the most immediate method available. Hence discovery of IM messages like email forma an integral part of a complete discovery and the timeliness of the query can often make the difference for users as to whether matters get escalated or are resolved quickly.

User and auditor access to IM information is as important for IM as email, dependant on corporate policy.

Preemptive offer innovative, enterprise IM compliance, IM archiving, IM help desk, click-to-chat, eDiscovery and social applications for IBM Sametime andMicrosoft Unified Communications platforms. Our enterprise IM products enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements, provide live chat across websites, improve customer service, and increase employee productivity.

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