Sending and receiving faxes from corporate email systems, be it on-premises or cloud has never been easier with solutions from Preemptive.

With over 20 years experience in Fax and Messaging solutions, Preemptive have locally developed software modules that work hand in hand with many of the most popular fax servers on the market to provide reliable, cost-effective and scalable solutions for a wide range of business needs.

Helping our customers leverage their investments in Analogue, ISDN and IP circuit telephony and centralize their message and communications workflows is our speciality. Integrating to back end processes like SAP and other ERP platforms and proprietary middleware across a wide range of mail and communications networks has seen our customers save significant time and money compared to the option of deploying more complex middleware to deal with integration.

Our solutions regularly combine Email, Fax, SMS and Voice services in one simple platform. The solution is modular and can be delivered with one, multiple or all delivery engines dependent on customer requirements:

  • FAX – T.30 and T.38 (IP FAX) solutions integrate with corporate email systems, Desktop applications, Multi-Function Devices, ERP and CRM applications.
  • SMS  – SMPP, HTTP and GSM based SMS services allows users or applications to send and receive messages from their native environment.
  • Email – The solutions modular architecture includes email as a delivery option. This allows print streams and applications to deliver their content as Email when and if required.

Our software engine offers a number of platform-independent interfaces and supports IBM AS/400, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO Unix, Linux and Windows environments.
Voice – A comprehensive hosted voice platform provides for an easily scalable and configurable solution for almost any customer requirement. Common in workflows and popular when combined with other messaging such as SMS, the Voice solutions can be integrated as required into a customer’s messaging solutions.

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