Sending and receiving faxes and SMS from corporate email systems has never been easier with Preemptive’s cloud based offering.

It appears the days of the on-premises fax server are numbered. The NBN, discontinuation of ISDN, poor quality G.711 circuits, surging on-premises licensing costs and the rise of secure email makes it hard for traditional fax servers to compete.

Who needs complexity when simplicity is on offer.

For inbound faxing, tell us how many fax numbers you need and where you want the images emailed, and we’ll do the rest. Use our numbers, move (port) your fax numbers to our system, or call “forward immediate” your existing numbers. Three options, one outcome -> faxes delivered as PDFs to your email.

For outbound faxing, make a simple change to your mail system so sending a fax is as simple as sending an email, for example <faxnumber>

Want to send faxes from your Multifunction Devices (MFDs) without buying expansive cards, ATA’s or ridiculously expensive connector licenses? Sure thing – configure the MFD to send an email.

Need a web client to check what’s happening, yes its included.

Preemptive understands fax (we’ve been working in this space for decades), and we’re delighted to have a truly impressive ultra-secure cloud-based offering. Located in Australia, across multiple secure data centres, 100% locally owned and supported.

Like to know more? Please contact us today so we can quote on your exact needs, and switch you over to the next generation of faxing.

One more thing, more and more companies have been replacing their faxing infrastructure with secure email. It’s simpler, more reliable, highly secure and far more powerful. Like to know more? Check out Secure Cloud Messenger by Preemptive.

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