Store a copy of all email entering, leaving and circulating within your organisation with the Email Vault from Preemptive.

Today there are over 2.6 billion email users in the world and by 2019 that number is projected to grow to 2.9 billion with continued healthy growth expected. Daily over 205 billion messages are sent and received per day with a growth expected of approximately 3% per year.

The Radicati email statistics report suggests each business user processes approximately 122 messages per day. IDC reports suggest that 60% of business critical data is held in email and other electronic messaging archives.

Quickly understanding what information has been shared with a recipient forearms any process particularly when its legal in nature. Todays IT leaders are faced with the difficult decision of moving their email stores to globally distributed data centres managed by external parties.

The security of the data in these locations forces many organisations to classify their content and release some but not all content to externally hosted email platforms. While others consider their content of low sensitivity it still requires a comprehensive capability to find content quickly across all electronic messaging.

Irrespective of the location and each organisations needs, the ability to ensure all email data is always available is of great importance. Ensuring that should the unthinkable happen and the cloud service becomes unavailable for even a short period that there is a copy of the data available to access if required. User and Auditor access to the data at all times is critical from any platform including mobile devices.

Integrating data from IM systems, Fax and Scan content and Email ensures a user can search on a repository of communications to more comprehensively react to requests or other business objectives. The data collected in this process makes available insights into business processes that would otherwise be unavailable such as most prolific users and their habits, domains you interact with most commonly, accurate details of sensitive content being shared and environment growth.

Removing obstacles to user self service has a significant cost impact through not having to involve IT in user requests. Allowing users to delegate access to their own messaging data can fast track projects and again reduce IT costs by them not needing to be involved. Removing the need for users to archive their messages can create an extremely large saving for organisations as users typically spend 15-30 minutes per week trying to manage archives. This time over 12 months results in very large productivity savings.

Preemptive have developed an archive and discovery solution through working closely with large organisations over a long period of time. With over 25 years experience in supporting our customers with this platform, the solution has evolved into a comprehensive and scalable product that makes use of world tested search engine logic, open source platforms and open architecture ensuring you’re data is not locked in proprietary technology. Deployable as a service or on premise, the solution can capture a much more than just you email. Integrating other message types in the store and indexing message and attachment data make this engine a very reliable source of messaging data. Single instancing attachment has regularly seen significant reductions in size of the message store allowing administrators to reduce the running size of mailboxes which in turn helps the operation of the Email server and user satisfaction.

Developed and supported here in Australia, the Preemptive Vault has been operating in  Government and Private enterprises providing a comprehensive and logically architected solution customised to meet the specified requirement for over 25 years.

Functionality Benefit
Store all Email content moving in the domain. Ensures nothing is lost even if deleted or modified
Can store additional messaging types including Fax, SMS. Scan and IM. Increases the access to communicated information
Integrates with Classification and Encryption components Adds DLP functionality and compliance for ISM requirements.
User access for restore and delegation Reduces IT intervention costs and improves productivity.
Supports Exchange/365, Notes/Verse and Gmail 1 License , no additional fees
Absorbs existing archives Allows customers migrate email systems without the need to migrate old email
Extremely scalable 1 system with no interdependencies for special licensing
Search available through any browser Access to all email from anywhere at anytime
Single Instancing Reducing all copies of an attachment to one version for a given year. This single feature can reduce the store by up to 80%
Secure single sign on user access Transparent access for users that have been authenticated
Runs on a single VM or Physical Machine, on premises or in the cloud. Simplifies licensing and deployment

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