Preemptive Email Vault

The Preemptive Email Vault is a centralised server that stores a copy of all messages entering, leaving and circulating within your organisation.

Messages are automatically captured – there are no special steps required for your email users. By analysing, deconstructing and efficiently packing your email in the Vault, you

Protective Markings for Email

Preemptive Consulting offers a suite of compliance and security technologies targeted predominantly at State and Federal Government organisations. Our Protective Marking product suite, is the only Australian-made software that fully addresses the requirements described by the Protective Security Policy Framework for Outlook and Notes/Domino, including correct support for:

Domino Database Optimizer – NEW

The DDO (Domino Database Optimizer) is a database-oriented utility that automates and greatly simplifies the optimization of Domino databases, this can be done either manually or using the integrated scheduling options and selection criteria. The primary focus of the DDO is maximising the performance of your databases and the Domino server and minimising I/O.