Defrag.NSF+ is the world’s first Domino-specific database defragmentation product that runs natively as a Domino server task.

NEW – Version 12 has been released

Fact! – If left unchecked Domino databases will fragment rapidly and will severely affect server I/O performance and can eventually cripple a server.

Fact! – Even a slightly fragmented file can cause a 50% decrease in non-cached read performance. Overall performance and backup times will suffer.

Fact! – If you don’t defragment your Domino databases then your servers and backups are running slower than they should be and that will keep getting worse!

Defrag.NSF+ is a database-oriented utility that automates and greatly simplifies the defragging of Domino databases. It also offers optional extended capabilities and features, allowing even further fine-tuning and additional optimization of Domino databases. These new extended capabilities are optional and can be simply enabled/scheduled if and when you want, if you decide not to use the new features then Defrag.NSF will just perform it’s default defragmentation maintenance same as it always has. Maintenance tasks can be done either manually or using the integrated scheduling options and selection criteria.

The primary focus of Defrag.NSF+ is maximising the performance of your databases and the Domino server and minimising I/O. Each new release of Domino features ODS (On-Disk Structure) upgrades to databases as HCL continues to place great emphasis on I/O reduction. Reducing I/O leads to improved performance for the entire system, delivering a ripple effect that manifests through the entire system in many ways, a more responsive server, improved end-user experience as they interact with applications and replicas, right through to faster backup times and back-end storage efficiencies.

Defrag.NSF+ can of course be configured to just defrag your nsf files if that’s all you’d like it to do, that’s it’s default function. As with previous recent versions of Defrag.NSF the DBMT is also seamlessly integrated into the custom optimization process. This integration can be optionally enabled by you to further extend the capabilities of Defrag.NSF+ way beyond just defragging. This provides a powerful, easy to use, one-stop interface to leverage the benefits of multiple complimentary maintenance tools and advanced tuning techniques. With Defrag.NSF+, the administrator is no longer burdened with configuring and keeping track of numerous Program Documents, or time researching beneficial settings. Defrag.NSF+ delivers this to you, allowing you to very easily manage, configure and continuously perform extensive best-practice database and server maintenance automatically, so you can focus on other duties – just set and forget!

Advanced scheduling options and automatic selection criteria based on user configuration and fully integrated with the Domino Administrator client.

Defrag.NSF+ is designed to give you Less of the following, so you get more performance and value:

  • Server I/O = Less
  • Compacting = Less
  • DBIID Changes = Less
  • Fragmentation = Less
  • Backup requirements = Less
  • Backup times = Less
  • Server restart time when TXN Log or Consistency Checking required = Less
  • View Rebuild times = Less
  • To-Do List items for the Administrator = Less

Product features include:

  • Easy to install, it’s a Notes database and it’s fully supported!
  • Preemptive’s powerful, custom built defragmentation engine capable of defragging multi-gigabyte NSF files in seconds.
  • The ability to defrag databases where there is very little freespace.
  • A unique multi-stage defragmentation process that automatically switches between file and volume level defragmentation when required.
  • Analysis of existing database fragmentation
  • NEW – Can automatically start a backup once database optimisation is complete using Domino 12’s new backup feature
  • Automatic tagging of databases for defragmentation.
  • The integrated ability to perform Fixup and Compact operations prior to defragmentation.
  • Automated System Database maintenance -> scheduled compacting, defragging and Domino server restart.
  • Selectable database maintenance strategy based on back-end storage type
  • Integrated log of defrag activities – no more searching log.nsf
  • Auto enable DAOS participation, document compression, design compression and LZ1 compression on targeted databases. (configure to include or exclude)
  • Integrated scheduling for automatic defragmentation of targeted nsf files based on configurable selection criteria
  • Integrated scheduling to automate Volume free-space defragmentation
  • Integrated scheduling, configuration and optimisation of the DBMT
  • Scheduled defragging of Transaction Logs (.txn)
  • Monitoring and allocation of contiguous free-space within selected nsf files to accommodate non-fragmented future file growth as new data is added.
  • On-Demand detailed Fragmentation Health/Free-Space, Key Metrics Analysis and configuration report generation for all drives attached to the server.

Extended functionality and configuration options integrate with DBMT+ providing enhanced maintenance benefits:

  • Scheduled/Automated compact operations with selection for processing based on a configurable freespace amount/day of the week criteria. (No need to schedule any other compacts).
  • Purges deletion stubs
  • Expires soft deleted entries
  • Updates views
  • Reorganizes folders
  • Merges full-text indexes
  • Updates unread lists
  • Ensures that critical views are created for failover

Perform all the above tasks from the familiar Domino Administrator Client user interface.

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A Defrag.NSF+ license costs $US 150 per server for a 12 months.

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