Defrag.NSF is the world’s first Domino-specific database defragmentation product that runs natively as a Domino server task.

Fact – If left unchecked Domino databases will fragment rapidly and sap server I/O performance.

Fact – Even a slightly fragmented file can cause a 50% decrease in non-cached read performance.

If you don’t defragment your Domino databases then your servers and backups are running slower than they should be!

Defrag.NSF is a Domino server addin that allows you to target Domino databases and disk volumes for defragmentation. You can automatically monitor and pre-allocate contiguous free space in your databases during Defrag.NSF maintenance, giving them headroom to grow without scattering data to random sectors of your disks.

*Now optimised for integration with the DBMT in Domino 9, with new features Defrag.NSF is geared to maximise server performance, greatly simplify and optimise database maintenance, ease administrative overhead and reduce wear/tear on Servers and Backup hardware, this all translates to a reduction in TCO.

Schedule after-hours defragmentation, run the DBMT, Fix-ups and database Compacts by simply ticking a box. Better still, configure Defrag.NSF to automatically integrate the running of these tasks and perform maintenance on selected databases – just set and forget!

Defrag.NSF has a number of great features, here’s just some of the features we think you will really like:

  • Easy to install, it’s a Notes database! (Nothing to download! Nothing to edit! – and it’s fully supported!)
  • Our custom “Built for Domino” defragmentation engine that can defrag multi-gigabyte databases in seconds.
  • Integrated scheduling and configuration of the DBMT, with a dedicated UI for DBMT configuration.
  • The ability to defrag databases where there is very little freespace.
  • A new multi-stage defragmentation process that automatically switches between file and volume level defragmentation when required.
  • Freespace consolidation.
  • Integration into the Defrag.NSF Enterprise Console (available on request) for widespread 1-click deployment, mail-in reporting and upgrade automation.
  • 1-click generation of Freespace reports showing the largest contiguous Freespace area on all your drives.
  • Enhanced integrated scheduling options.
  • Analysing existing database fragmentation
  • Automatic tagging of databases for defragmentation.
  • The integrated ability to perform Fixup and Compact operations prior to defragmentation.
  • Scheduled defragging of all Full Text Indexes on a separate drive when the notes.ini setting FTBasePath is used.
  • Scheduled defragging of Transaction Logs (.txn) and DAOS files (.nlo).
  • Allocation and monitoring of contiguous free-space within selected .nsf files to accommodate non-fragmented future file growth.
  • Integrated “Performance Logging” and Before/After performance reporting.
  • Integrated log of all Defrag.NSF activity – no more searching log.nsf.
  • Database Health Index for easy targeting of the most productive databases in return for defragging effort.
  • Perform all the above tasks from the familiar Domino Administrator Client user interface.

Performance you can See!


In the above screen-shot, with Defrag.NSF Performance Logging enabled, the percentage improvement has been logged and serves as a very useful reference.

1. Defrag.NSF performs three read passes on the .NSF file and logs the average read time. Then proceeds to defragment the .NSF file.
2. Defrag.NSF performs three read passes on the newly defragmented .NSF file and again logs the average read time.
3. The .NSF file read time is logged as a percentage improvement. This equates to reduced I/O and faster backups (backup software needs to read the files)

The Defrag.NSF Performance Logging feature makes it easier than ever for Domino administrators to see and document the increased performance Defrag.NSF delivers to each .NSF file it runs on. This performance equates not only to improved server performance, but also backup maintenance time reduction where files need to be accessed, read and copied.

Defrag.NSF is not the same as the Domino Compact task, in fact, did you know that a copy style Compact (-C) typically increases existing database fragmentation by a staggering amount, even as it reduces file sizes? Defrag.NSF can automatically “clean up” after Compact to give you maximum database performance.

We have seen Domino databases with more than 60,000 file fragments. How healthy are your databases?

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016
  • All versions of Domino currently under IBM support including Domino 9 (32 bit or 64 bit) and Domino 10
  • NTFS file system for Domino data

Trial or purchase the Defrag.NSF

Defrag.NSF costs $US 150 per server for a 12 month license.

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