MESSAGEmanager T38 Fax Server Software provides a software based Enterprise Faxing platform which can replace existing analog fax lines and hardware based Fax Servers.

MESSAGEmanager Fax software is easier to deploy and less complex to maintain than multiple fax solutions across locations. Virtualising your Fax technology improves your corporate compliance, efficiency and through reduction in hardware utilisation, significantly reduces costs,  data centre resource management, energy consumption and system administration.

Disaster recovery preparedness are significantly improved without requirement to purchase additional Fax Software licenses MESSAGEmanager offers a significant range of integration technologies included embedded Postscript, PCL and PDF for a range of ERP and middleware applications.

OpenText recently announced End of Sale for the MESSAGEmanager product suite for new customers. Existing customers can continue to purchase software up until the 31st of December 2014. OpenText and Preemptive as an OpenText Accredited Service Provider will continue to support these products with no official end of support date however normal lifecycle for End of Sale products applies as defined in the OpenText Support Maintenance Handbook which can be found on our documentation page.

This naturally raises the question for current customers and users of MESSAGEmanager of what should you do?
Firstly there is a significant amount of time before you need to do anything. During this time we feel your most likely options are:

  1. Do nothing until you need to.  MESSAGEmanager is a mature product that has been in the market for a long time. It works so well that most customers tend to completely forget about it until something happens to the hardware it is running on. All fax hardware boards and Gateways are still available should you need one. IP Upgrades can be provided to virtualize your server to provide DR and Data Center compliance.
  2. Perform the free upgrade to the latest version to maximize your ROI you’ve already made. The latest version of MESSAGEmanager supports Exchange 2013 and Office 2013 file formats as well as a range of new features (see latest version release notes at ).
  3. Consider changing MESSAGEmanager for another on premise fax product. Open Text is currently offering special discounts on RightFax for MESSAGEmanager customers. This is something Preemptive can also assist you with.
  4. Review your need for an on premises solution and consider the alternative of Cloud based faxing. Preemptive has significant experience in this area and would be happy to assist if required.

As a longtime supporter and reseller of MESSAGEmanager we’re disappointed that OpenText has made this decision. MESSAGEmanager has been and will remain for years to come an excellent product. It is an extremely effective solution and is yet another example of what can happen to good technology in a globalized economy.

One final point, please remember we are an Australian owned developer and Authorised OpenText Support Partner(ASP) in Asia Pacific supporting both MESSAGEmanager and Rightfax . We have certified engineers available with significant experience with integration solutions and middleware API’s and have on offer a large number of solutions to assist. We will always be here to offer direct ‘no spin’ advice on solutions for your businesses future messaging requirements.

If you require more information on the above options or just need some clarification please dont hesitate to contact us.

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